Balls in Boats

Your goal is simple: get orbs of the target type into the floating boats. But how to get them there is complicated: they do strange things when clicked or even left alone.


Open: Opens the trap door, letting orbs fall through.

Close: Closes it.

Blank: Click to clear. Prone to changing type depending on the effects of nearby elements.

Ice: Slowly turn nearby blanks into more ice. Click to clear.

Water: Will turn nearby blanks into water when clicked/cleared. Also conducts Electricity.

  Fire: Melts ice into water, evaporates water into nothing, and turns into Inferno when clicked.

Inferno: Does what Fire does but also turns nearby Blanks into Fires and Fires into Infernos. Takes 3 clicks to clear, though all adjacent Infernos are affected when clicking.

Earth: Takes 3 clicks to clear; affects everything around it when clicked.

Electric: Lightweight. Turns Blanks into Electrics on collision. Will clear all connected Electrics on click, going through Water and causing it to splash nearby blanks.

Wind: Blows things about. Will turn Fire into Inferno. Click to clear.

Bomb: Big ol' explosion when clicked. Turns Fires into Infernos, and explodes other Bombs.

Bumper: Bounces other orbs. Click to clear.


Rhapsody in Blue (Public Domain)

Latché Swing - demo 2008 (CC/BY/NC/SA)

Brazzmatazz - Turbolence (CC/BY/NC/SA)

Font: Future TimeSplitters Regular (FFC)

Clip Art:

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